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Spare Parts - Soundtrack Components

Part #NameEnquire
09-0420Sound track applicator assemblyEnquire
09-0004E16mm Applicator WheelEnquire
09-0370EWheel applicator mounting blockEnquire
09-0382EWheel applicator spindleEnquire
09-0383EAWheel applicator 35mm DualEnquire
09-0362BSoundtrack applicator assembly 16-35mmEnquire
09-0429ARevised 35MM Jetstream Applicator Head AssemblyEnquire
09-0429Jetstream Applicator Head AssemblyEnquire
09-0317EAApplicator - Dual Soundtrack - High SpeedEnquire
09-0276CAApplicator - Dual Soundtrack - High SpeedEnquire
09-0374DApplicator Assembly 16/35mmEnquire
09-000335mm Applicator WheelEnquire
09-0369/E16mm Applicator WheelEnquire
09-0369216mm Applicator Wheel - Cinevex OnlyEnquire
09-0369E16mm Applicator WheelEnquire
09-0377EWheel applicator 35mm DualEnquire
Part #NameEnquire
09-BELTS-LBelt - Sound Applicator - LargeEnquire
09-BELT-SBelt - Sound Applicator - SmallEnquire
09-BELTSBelt - Soundtrack Set of 340mm & 536mm LGEnquire
09-0373DBack Up Roller Assembly 16/35mm Demand / SprocketEnquire
Doctor Blades
Part #NameEnquire
09-0385EDoctor Wiper Blade - Dual 35mmEnquire
09-0371E3Doctor Blade - RightEnquire
09-0371E2Doctor Blade - LeftEnquire
Inertia Parts
Part #NameEnquire
09-005735mm Inertia RollerEnquire
09-0053Inertia Roller Assembly 35mmEnquire
09-0061Inertia Roller SpindleEnquire
Part #NameEnquire
09-0038E216/35mm Emulsion Roller - AluminiumEnquire
38-1533Sound track Solenoid valve - High speed processorsEnquire
09-0019EScrew - FixingEnquire
09-0474Recirculation TankEnquire
09-0006ENut Thumb Knurled Applicator Wheel SpindleEnquire
09-0410Mounting BlockEnquire
Rollers - Spindle
Part #NameEnquire
09-0358C1Roller Back up soundtrackEnquire
09-0008ESpindle - Back Up RollerEnquire
09-0038E1Roller emulsion 16 - 35 S/SEnquire
09-0380DRoller Back Up 16-35Enquire
09-0039ERoller spindleEnquire
Part #NameEnquire
09-03931Shaft Roller Sound track 105mmEnquire
09-0371E1Shaft Wiper BlockEnquire
09-03939Shaft Roller Sound track 100mmEnquire
09-03933Shaft Roller Sound track 95mmEnquire
09-03934Shaft Roller Sound track 110mmEnquire
09-03938Shaft Roller Sound track 145mmEnquire
09-03932Shaft Roller Sound track 175mmEnquire
09-03936Shaft Roller Sound track 80mmEnquire
09-03937Shaft Roller Sound track 50mmEnquire
Soundtrack Station
Part #NameEnquire
09-0347Soundtrack Station AssemblyEnquire
Part #NameEnquire
09-0492Soundtrack Wash Off TankEnquire
09-0397Spray Wash Tank AssemblyEnquire
09-0435Soundtrack Wash Off TankEnquire
09-0448Soundtrack Wash Off TankEnquire
09-0389CTank Spray Wash - SoundtrackEnquire
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