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Spare Parts - Rollers Tyres Bushes and Springs

Bushes - Spring Centres
Part #NameEnquire
04-0165Bush No. 44 - Wide (Clear ) (from 186/8/91)Enquire
04-0118EBush No. 44 (Red) 2mm boreEnquire
04-0045E1Spring centre- light newEnquire
04-0044NSpring centre- Natural (1/2 inch bore)Enquire
04-0044/2Spring centre- 12mm boreEnquire
04-0044E1Spring centre- Blue (1/2 inch bore)Enquire
04-0182Bush No. 44 - (Light Blue) (1/8 inch bore)Enquire
Part #NameEnquire
04-0107C16/35mm Emulsion rollerEnquire
04-015335mm Emulsion roller- largeEnquire
04-0174235mm Soft touch roller (200ft/min processors)Enquire
04-0002CA35mm Polypropylene Soft touch rollerEnquire
04-0114E35mm Pacer Roller for Demand Drive ECN2Enquire
Part #NameEnquire
04-018835mm Soft touch tyre- large (92mm) DimpleEnquire
04-0115E35mm Soft touch tyre- convex (dimple)Enquire
04-015535mm Soft touch tyre- convex (brick)Enquire
04-0043EA35mm Soft touch tyre- flat (dimple)Enquire
04-0153/2SILTyre - large (Silicone)Enquire
04-015635mm Soft touch tyre- large (92mm) BrickEnquire
34-020135mm Pacer tyreEnquire
34-020335mm Footage counter tyre (Rubber)Enquire
04-0167/2SILTyre (Silicone)Enquire
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