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Our film processors have the following features, some of which are exclusive to Filmlab.

Flexible design - We can design our processors to match every customer's needs and specific requirements.

"Submag" magnetic drive system - The submag drive, exclusive to Filmlab and used by all Filmlab processors, offers the following advantages:
  • No drive shafts penetrating the tank walls. The drive is transmitted from outside to inside each tank via a magnetic coupling, eliminating the need for drive shafts penetrating the tank walls, and making the tanks vitrually leak-proof.
  • No drive sprockets, chains or gears present inside any of the tanks.
  • All film racks are fully submerged throughout the entire wet section. This minimises oxidation and chemical crystalisation on the top rollers when the machine is standing idle.
  • The magnetic couplings act as magnetic clutches in the unlikely event of a film jam. If a film jam occurs, the film transport is interrupted immediately (through the magnetic clutch system) ensuring that no damage is done to the racks. This feature, called mag-slip, offers full protection to all the racks and the rack components. As a result, Filmlab processors are considered to be totally safe for processing of any type of film, including polyester film

Speed in ft/min:

Lubrication-free design - The "Submag" system has virtually eliminated the need for lubrication of any film transport components.

Low maintenance - Because of simple and lubrication-free design of our processors, regular maintenance is quick and easy.

Noiseless operation - Our unique drive system design ensures that all Filmlab processors are extremely quiet, even when running at full speed.

"Demand Drive" mechanism (on machines up to 200 ft / min) - It ensures proper low tension in all sections of the film.

Mag-motor, sprocket drive mechanism (on machines 330 - 660 ft / min) - A separate Mag-motor drives each rack assembly. This eliminates the need for any chains, sprockets, gears or line shafts. All the motors are electronically synchronised. Spring loading of each film loop ensures correct film tension.

Individual rack mounting - All the racks on Filmlab processors are individually mounted, allowing the operators to replace a malfunctioning rack in a matter of minutes, thus avoiding prolonged shutdowns. The system is safe for the operators, eliminating the danger of chemicals dripping onto their bodies. With our system, only the racks in need of servicing are removed from their tanks. This minimises dripping and spilling of chemicals from one tank to another.

Microprocessor operated Automatic Replenisher System - The system offers the following features:
  • Electronic control of the replenishment rates ensuring very high accuracy and consistency.
  • Quick and easy adjustment via an electronic keypad.
  • Replenishment rates not affected by changing levels of chemicals in the main storage tanks.
  • Automatic recognition of the film format and type (16mm, 35mm, clear leader). The replenishment rates are automatically set to suit the film format.
  • Automatic or manual operating mode.
Standby Recirculation System - An intermittently operating solution recirculation system, which can be activated when the machine is not being used. When activated, it operates the recirculation pumps for 5 minutes every half an hour, ensuring that there are no sediments forming in the tanks and maintaining the chemistry of the solutions in perfect condition. As a result, the machine is ready for immediate use, if required.

All metal tanks - All the processing tanks are made of 316 Stainless Steel, except for Stop, UL Bleach, and Bleach Wash tanks, which are made of titanium. Other tanks can also be made of titanium, if requested by the customer.

16mm and 35mm film processing - Our design ensures easy change-over between 16 and 35mm film, even without stopping the machine.

Provision for fume exhaust - Double covers are provided on prebath, backing remover, developer and stop tanks, to provide light-proof assembly and to reduce splash and condensation. They also allow installation of a fume extraction system, which can be supplied by Filmlab as an option.

Off the floor tank mounting - Our processor tanks are complete assemblies mounted in stainless steel frames. Jackbolts are supplied for leveling purposes. This provides for easy installation and relocation (if required in the future). It also ensures that the machine is raised above the floor, which allows for easy washdown below the machine, resulting in a very clean lab environment.

Convex tyres. - All tyres on a Filmlab processor have a convex profile, which reduces the edge pressure on the film.

Static eliminator bars - Static eliminator bars are installed as standard in the drying cabinet to ensure that there is no static charge on the film during the winding operation.

Washwater mixing valve - This valve allows the operator to set the temperature of the wash water.

LED based, graphic elevator position indicator - Mounted on the control cabinet, it gives the operator a graphical indication of the position of both elevators.

A pressure gauge for the developer tank - The gauge indicates when the developer filter is blocked and needs cleaning.

Other features of Filmlab "SUBMAG" Magnetic Drive Film Processors:
  • Precision digital temperature controllers for each solution.
  • Cooling coils built into processor tanks where required.
  • Chilled water inlet and outlet manifolds.
  • Wash water manifold for water distribution to each wash tank.
  • Magnetically coupled pumps and PVC filters for each solution.
  • Separate turbulator pump for the developer.
  • Auto bleed of all the circulation pumps.
  • Connections for silver recovery systems.
  • System abnormality monitor and alarm annunciator.
  • Polished stainless steel tank front covers.
  • Precision control of both feed-on and take-up film transport operation.
  • Option for addition of Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) and / or hand winder, for manual winding of film in case of power failure

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