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AHL is one of Australia's premier entertainment, hospitality, and tourism and leisure companies. Its three main operating divisions are Entertainment, Entertainment Technology and Hospitality & Leisure.

Through these divisions AHL operates a number of branded businesses either directly or through joint venture cinema exhibition operations in every capital city and major regional centre in Australia; owns, leases or manages over 30 hotels and resorts in Australia and New Zealand; and owns and operates the Thredbo Alpine Resort.

The Group also owns and operates a fleet of harbour charter and commuter vessels on Sydney Harbour, and a western Sydney Wildlife Park as well as an award-winning catering company and a performance theatre and event facility based in Sydney.

AHL's technology interests include the largest film-processing laboratory in Australia and the design, manufacture and installation of film processing equipment.

AHL is at present exporting its knowledge and skills to Europe and the Middle East through cinema joint ventures with local partners and hotel management contracts.

The AHL organisation consists of a wide range of well-loved Australian brands, divided up into three categories: Entertainment, Entertainment Technology and Hospitality & Leisure.

To learn more about those brands you may know, and ones you may not be so familiar with, choose from the links below.

AHL Group
 Entertainment Entertainment Technology Hospitality & Leisure
AHL Strategic Investments

Roadshow Distributors
The Group holds a direct 50% interest in Roadshow Distributors which distributes movies from many of Hollywood's major studios for theatrical, video, DVD, cable and free to air television release.

In addition to Cinemas and Hotels the Group retains certain properties as longer term commercial and rental property investments.

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